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Benefits of producing diesel fuel from plastic

In May 2017, the conclusions of an Argonne National Laboratory study were made public that compared the production of diesel fuel from plastic to producing it from crude oil.  The environmental benefits were dramatic.


  • Reduce greenhouse gasses by 14%

  • Reduce water consumption by 58%

  • Reduce tradtional energy usage by 96%


Together, we can clean up the oceans and limit waste in our landfills!


More than 60 billion pounds of plastics end up in landfills or eventually end up in the oceans. Did you know...

  • There are five identified gyres where plastics accumulate in the oceans.

  • Marine life ingests such plastics, the toxins they accumulated end up in human food chain.

  • Landfills are running out of space.

  • Many counties and states are considering outright banning of plastic bags and styrofoam, even though we lose the benefits of using them.

  • Plastics are high in energy content, equal to gasoline or diesel.


Eco Fuel technology has come up with a solution to profitably convert plastics into a valuable fuel in an environmentally sound process, capturing the energy content while diverting plastics from landfills or oceans.


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