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Eco Fuel Technology, Inc.

Our Story

Eco Fuel Technology, Inc. was founded in 2012 by Swaminathan Ramesh and Himat Taank. The founders formed the company to focus on manufacturing portable machines that convert waste plastics, specifically non-reusable, “end-of-life” plastics into reusable diesel fuel.


Shortly after formation, Eco Fuel Technology, Inc. worked with James Holm to pilot a portable machine for installation on a boat. The objective of the pilot project is to install a machine on a boat that will pick up plastics in the ocean and convert the plastics to diesel fuel while at sea. 


Eco Fuel Technology is also partnering with Ocean Guardian ( and with Ocean Recovery Systems to recover plastics from the mid depths of the ocean and convert them to fuel


In addition to the pilot project, Eco fuel Technology has launched several collaborative research studies with universities based in California, Illinois and North Carolina. 


Eco Fuel Technology is now working on a number of projects (starting in second and third quarter of 2020):

  • a 20 to 60 TPD operation in Memphis, TN
  • 60 TPD operation in Alabama
  • 60 TPD plant for BC, Canada
  • a hugely potential collaboration in Philippines
  • set up a manufacturing facility in Thailand to supply the Southeast Asia and Australia
  • collaboration with Sunyani Energy, Inc and USABionergy, Inc.

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