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Our smallest unit (PTF100) is capableof processing 100 pounds of plastics (mixed plastics of type 2,4,5 and 6) into about 10 gallons of fuel. This is to be used as a demonstration or trial unit as the pay back period could be as high as 4 years.


PTF2000 will handle 2000 pounds of similar plastic mix nto about 200 gallons of fuel. This unit starts to make economical sense as the payback period could be about two years.


PTF10000 makes a great business sense as the payback period is less than 2 years, still has a small foot print (can be mounted on a flatbed) and hence mobile. It can go to where the plastics are and hence avoid part of the logistical head aches


Besides the PTF units, we supply you with our custom catalysts that make the units optimum for producing the fuel you desire.


There are one primary and one secondary catalysts. The primary is cheaper and is loaded into the reactor and is disposed off more often when it gets contaminated with junk that comes along with the waste plastics or char or when the activity goes down (fuel properties start to deviate from the norm).


The secondary catalyst lasts much longer and is supplied in the form of a cartridge. We take back the spent cartridges and supply you with a new one, as needed.

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