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Dr. Ramesh guest stars on Attitude with Arnie Arnesen to discuss cleaning up our oceans!

Listen to Eco Fuel Technology Founder, Dr. Ramesh talk about how our portable machines are being used to clean up the oceans! For a direct link to the NPR recording, select here.

(Please note, the interview starts about 9 minutes into the program)

Press Interview: ACS National meeting,  San Franciso - April, 2017

Oceans of Plastic Converted to Liquid Fuels via Small Scale Thermal Depolymerization Reactors
A closed loop solution to cleaning up the oceans of Plastic waste
ACS Meeting 2017 ppt.pdf
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PTF200 video
PTF in action. See plastic turning into fuel
PTF200 -
QuickTime video format [12.9 MB]

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Article in C&En News: Can chemical recycling solve the plastic problem? | C&EN | Oct. 7, 2019 Plastic has a problem; is chemical recycling the solution?


Article in The Chemical Engineer


Small Plastic Waste Tech Could Fuel Local Communities


EcoFuel Technologies turns throwaway plastic into diesel fuel


Clean Oceans to bring plastics to fuel machines prototype to Santa Cruz Co.


Turning an ocean of plastic into fuel


EcoFuel Technologies enters into partnership agreement with SAIC corporation July 24, 2015


SAIC builds two PTF200  (Plastics to Fuel) units based on designs from EFT July, 2016


Clean Oceans International (COI) takes possession of one of the PTF200 units October, 2016


A custom fractionator was installed to the units to separate low boilers from the heavies December 2016


Trials at the Livonia headquarters with the fractionator are successful


Swaminathan Ramesh and Captain Homer (of COI) presented their vision at the Spring International ACS meeting in San Francisco April 3rd, 2017

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